CFP: [Cultural-Historical] ACLA 2009 Conference: From Global Gothic into Horror

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Juan G. Ramos

>From Global Gothic into Horror: Archaeologies of Reincarnations, Politics
of Parody, and the Aesthetics of Subversion

    * Seminar Organizer: Juan G. Ramos, UMass Amherst

While some scholars agree that the effulgence of Gothic texts coincides
with the rise of Romantic sensibilities and the Gothic revival in
architecture, in fact, gothic elements were employed before the eighteenth
century and continue to be used since then in a number of media, including
films, television, music, literary texts, and other cultural artifacts.

This panel seeks papers that trace the dissemination of gothic
sensibilities and aesthetics into a global context, but also how the
concept of gothic has become resignified through time. What are some of the
socio-cultural and political changes that marked the historical shift from
gothic into horror? In what ways does horror employ or co-opt gothic
aesthetics and how is contemporary gothic feeding from horror aesthetics?
Considering the multiple reincarnations of gothic in a variety of media and
spheres of cultural production, what are some of the aesthetic propositions
that each one makes? How have postcolonial and neogothic texts employed the
politics of parody? In terms of visual, aural, and linguistic aesthetics,
how have contemporary cultural texts subverted gothic conventions and
appropriated them to create politically charged discourses? What roles have
gender and queer studies played in reshaping the artistic production and
scholarly analysis of contemporary gothic texts? How are we to understand
the continued interest in shows like Ghost Hunters, The Paranormal State or
Ghost Whisperer? An exploration of early horror/gothic films, non-canonical
literary texts, paintings and sculptures, music videos, TV shows, and any
papers addressing any of the aforementioned lines of inquiry are welcome.


Any interested scholars should submit the paper directly through the ACLA
conference website before November 1st.

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