Specters of Influence, 2nd International Seminar on Literature, Cracow, May 17, 2014

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Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland

Specters of Influence
2nd International Seminar on Literature
Cracow, May 17, 2014

In the twentieth century, multifarious theories of reciprocal relationship between literary texts have made a considerable impact on the manner of reading and theorizing literature. As one that stands out against other concepts, the theory of influence reclaimed the status of the author and emphasized the peculiar bond between literary precursors and their successors. Influence, considered by deconstructionists in terms of heritage and legacy, gained its meaning of spectral affinity that transgresses temporal and textual limitations. Drawing on Harold Bloom's claim that influence is just another word for literature, we would like not only to propose a discussion on influence itself and specific cases of its presence in literary and theoretical texts, but also to invite critical responses to this concept.

We invite papers to one of the following panels:

1. Theory of influence

2. Manifestations of influence in literature

Papers might focus on (but are not limited to) the following topics

Theory of influence

- contemporary theories of influence

- anxiety of influence?

- resistance to influence- critical approach to the theory of influence

- pre-modern and early modern theories of influence

- influence and affinity

- influence and deconstruction

Manifestations of influence in literature

- pastiche and parody

- hidden influence

- writing within/outside a tradition

- conscious/unconscious influence

- influence vs. intertextuality

- survivance (Didi-Huberman)

- transmedial influence

The seminar will consist of several roundtable sessions. The full papers will be shared on our website before the seminar and discussed during the sessions by their authors. There will be no possibility of otherwise presenting the papers.

Submissions should include the paper title; the delegate's name, address and email; a summary of the proposed paper (300 words); and a short bio (100 words). Also, please indicate in which panel you would like to participate. Please send submissions by March 15, 2014 to spectersofinfluence@gmail.com. The conference fee is 200 PLN (50 EUR) and includes conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch, and costs of publication.

Following Specters of the Author, the event is the second edition in the series of international seminars Specters of Theory. By bringing together researchers in literary studies, we would like to create an open space for reconsidering twentieth-century theoretical concepts and their spectral representations in literature. Papers presented during our seminars will be published in the series Specters of Theory.

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