(dis)junctions - April 11+12 - Adventure Time!: Bakhtin's Chronotope in Fantasy and Adventure

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UCR (dis)junctions

Adventure Time!: Bakhtin's Chronotope in Fantasy and Adventure

"In the literary artistic chronotope, spatial and temporal indicators are fused into one carefully thought-out, concrete whole. Time, as it were, thickens, takes on flesh, becomes artistically visible; likewise, space becomes charged and responsive to the movements of time, plot and history. . . . The image of man is always chronotopic." (Mikhail Bakhtin, "Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel")

In establishing his notion of the chronotope Mikhail Bakhtin's theoretical model allows critics in all periods to confront the aesthetic configuration of complicated systems of interaction between subjectivity, embodiment, history, and space. In this panel we seek to explore the narrative utility of Bakhtin's chronotope and its ability to facilitate the navigation between spaces of normal-time and adventure-time as well as to contextualize the liminal space between in works of fantasy and adventure. We encourage submissions dealing with fantasy and adventure in literature as well as in television, video games, and film.

The theme of 21st annual (dis)junctions conference, hosted by UC Riverside, is "irreverent readings," featuring keynote speakers Virginia Jackson (UC Irvine) and Constance Penley (UC Santa Barbara). Abstracts of 250 to 300 words should be submitted via the form at www.disjunctions2014.org by February 10th, 2014.