Canadian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies--Revolutions in 18th Century Sociability (Deadline for submissions April 1, 2014

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Frances B. Singh
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For this conference, I am proposing a panel or panels on Teaching Women in the Eighteenth Century. This title has two senses in that it refers to women who taught women and what and how women were taught social accomplishments such as music, drawing, dancing, French, etc.
I would like to hear from colleagues who would be interested in presenting papers on either of these two components, particularly interested in those who might be interested in presenting on the latter theme, which is less developed.
For example, it is well known that Venice was a center of musical instruction for women in the 18th century, that Vivaldi taught women , there were all female orchestras, etc. But rather than focus on the product, I'm interested in papers that focus on the process by which young women were made into accomplished musicians.
Similarly, it well known that grammar translation was the means by which people learned the classical languages. But was this how women learned French, a living language? Was language learning gendered in the eighteenth century?

Frances B. Singh
Hostos Community College/CUNY