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The paper discusses at length about the increasing intensity and impact of literature when it metamorphosed into viewership of animation. Literature becomes something more when it appears in the shape of animation.This topic is a unique piece of thought provoking subject, as literature is a vast sea which has assimilated, amalgated various cultures and their habits of society of different ages of mankind. Mankind is enjoying the plethora of success from the ancient times when when not even the art of printing was discovered.
Ancient Egyptian literature hand written on papyrus,ancient indus civilization inscriptions on clay soil and pottery learnt the human civilization in the faculty of art,to discover new knowledge, and further the art of writing down his thoughts for everlasting permanency. My present submission is dealing basically with the point that how animation developed as an art form which sky rocketed the popularity of literature itself. Animation has become not limited to cartoon of fictitious characters only, but it is crossing the boundaries of continents and penetrating the most unaware minds of persons who never took interest in literature earlier.
To some extent it can be said animation is not only an art but it entertains also. Animation is using its entertaining appeal to inspire, educate and inform the common mass,while showing us the world in a way we did'nt perceive it before. Jill Smolin, computer animation festival director says that, a consistent theme of animators is that they found a way to use animation to tell a powerful story in a way that live could not. The use of timing, exaggeration and symbolism in animation to create an environment that people recognize, but in no way could inhabit, by taking us into a new reality, animators can show us characters and situations in a new light and entertain us in ways that tickle the imagination. I cannot resist citing the example of Bug Bunny; we all love it along with other animated series because they are complete beings. They are flawed, fallible, egotistical,funny,smart, shy and silly and a whole host of other things that show us who we are.