3rd Biennial BABEL Meeting - "Marooned" Session

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Benjamin Ambler / Arthur J Russell

Session for "On the Beach: Precariousness, Risk, Forms of Life, Affinity, and Play at the Edge of the World" ~ Third Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group @ UC-Santa Barbara, 16-18 October 2014.

Marooned: This session is a search and rescue. What, or who—we ask—has been cast away or lost at sea?

As we sail Critique through time, we call fresh theories to deck to plot our courses through cultural waters, and plumb their depths for erudition. In the course of the many critical "turns" we've taken over the last few decades, however, itineraries have been left unexplored, and certain individuals abandoned in foreign ports. So, what happened to those alternative routes and those who advocated for them? And what about the captains we mutinied against? Where are they now? And what about us, here, now? Are we all accounted for?

The wager of this session is that some of the theories and methods we've tossed overboard may still be useful, though perhaps not as they were once intended. Think: humanism, folklore, philology, D.W. Robertson, grands récits, Hegel, antiquarianism, semiotics, narratology, formalism, historicism, et cetera. What else has grown shaggy and unkempt, marooned on isolated shores? Whose critical flares have gone unnoticed and unanswered until now? Might some of these paradigms and figures still be desirable? Might they want rescuing? If we unstop our ears can we hear a call to safe harbor—or a siren's song? Further, we we wonder, are all hands on deck and able-bodied? Of theory-wrights queer, feminist, ecocritical; postmodern, postcolonial, posthuman, post*—has anyone been washed overboard who we thought was still beside us on deck? Have any been marooned on the atolls of the (micro)epochs they were charged to chart? Or are any present but haggard—unable to spot the new memes that develop between generations of Life?

This roundtable seeks at least four performances (about ten minutes each) of acts of rediscovery, rescue, repurposing, or reclaiming.

Abstracts of 250 words should be sent by April 1 to: bambler@asu.edu + ajrusse3@asu.edu

For more information about the conference: http://babel-meeting.org/2014-meeting/cfp-2014-meeting/