CFP: Ethics (3/31/07; Heinlein, 7/6/07-7/8/07)

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Lisa N. D'Amico
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Call for Papers
  Submission deadline: March 31, 2007
  We invite abstracts for papers, roundtable discussions, and presentation/lectures on any topic related to ethics as represented in the works of novelist and futurist Robert A. Heinlein.
  Heinlein is well-known for exploring a wide range of ethical concerns in his novels and short stories. In works such as _For Us, the Living_, he experimented with new ethical structures and the ways in which they would impact human culture and development. Many of his characters operate outside ethical boundaries that we are familiar with and ask us to see their actions from their perspective rather than our own.
  All topics related to studies in ethics are welcome. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
  --_For Us, the Living_
  --Ethical treatise or satire?
  --Heinlein's ethics vs. his contemporaries
  The Robert A. Heinlein Centennial wil be held July 6-8, 2007, in Kansas City, Missouri. Honored guests include Buzz Aldrin, author Spider Robinson, X Prize founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, most recently named Grand Master of Science Fiction James Gunn, and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, addressing the Gala via video.
  The Centennial will include an academic conference, called the Centennial Academic Summit, which will contain an entire track dedicated to ethics studies. Participants will have various opportunities to publish their work following the conference.
  Please submit a 250-word abstract for a paper, roundtable discussion, or lecture to Lisa Edmonds D'Amico, chairperson of the Academic Summit, at lisa.edmonds [at] heinleincentennial [dotcom]. The deadline for abstract submission will be March 31, 2007.
  For more information on the Centennial events and registration, please visit
  For more information about getting involved with Robert A. Heinlein studies in general and publication opportunities, visit and

Lisa N. D'Amico
PCA Area Chair for Heinlein Studies

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