[UPDATE] **DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 24** "Remix the Conference" University of Calgary Free-Exchange Graduate Conference

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Free-Exchange Conference, University of Calgary Department of English
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"Remix the Conference" University of Calgary Free-Exchange Graduate Conference March 7-9, 2014

"It's the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen..." – R. Kelly, "Ignition"

"It's taking little pieces from here, adding it to little pieces from there—as many different disparate elements as you can find—and make something totally new out of it." – DJ Shadow

The Free-Exchange Conference Committee is hosting its annual interdisciplinary graduate student conference March 7-9, 2014 at the University of Calgary. We welcome both critical and creative presentations that explore the theme of "Remix" as manifested in history, political science, economics, philosophy, psychology, art and literature, music, pop culture, and other disciplines. Presentations of 15-20 minutes may range from traditional seminar papers to works of short fiction, poetry, film, etc. In the spirit of the theme of this year's conference, we encourage unconventional presentations that rethink the traditional notions of academic scholarship.

We also welcome contributions by musicians, artists, and dramatists for inclusion in both the conference and social events associated with the conference. This could include, but is not limited to, presentations of new or remixed music, artwork, or performance pieces inspired by, or drawing on the theme of, remix. Performative or creative presenters are expected to address during their presentation how their work speaks to the theme of the Remix.

Topics for possible presentations might include, but are not limited to:
- Remix: What does it mean? Who does it? Can remix be a return to the original after a permutation?
- Ownership/Access: What are the ramifications of remix in a culture that has such easy access to technology and resources? When does remix become plagiarism?
- Culture, Countercultures, and Cultural (Re)Appropriations: Is counterculture a remix or a rejection? Does remix necessarily entail the undermining of the original?
- Literature: What are the ramifications of fan fiction, unauthorized sequels, and/or reappropriations of classic works? How are authors remixing the borders between high and low culture?
- Adaptation: What is lost and/or gained in the adaptation of a work from one medium to another?
- Drama: What can other art forms learn from the immediacy of a dramatic audience? How have new technologies impacted the way dramatic works are staged?
- The Academy: What is the academy's role in defining boundaries and canon and should this be problematized? How do we redefine the importance of the arts? Does anyone care about the academy anymore? Should we?
- Visual Art: How much can you borrow from another artist's work? Is it possible to create a completely original work? How does visuality remix linguistic representation? How do comics remix the boundaries between visual art and literature?
- Music and Dance: Do new musical compositions or choreographies constitute a scholarly interrogation? How do we remix the body? How much remixing is required before you can claim something as a new work?
- Pedagogy: How might we remix the classroom and/or traditional assignments in order to facilitate learning?

For academic papers please submit a 250-300 word abstract, and for creative projects, a 100-200 word artist's statement as well as a sample of your proposed project and a list of publications/performances/exhibitions, if applicable. For performance pieces, please include space and multimedia requirements in your proposal. Please note: for panel submissions of three presentations, each panel member must present a proposal that adheres to the above guidelines, and the Free-Exchange Committee retains the right to accept any given panel in full or in part.

All submissions are to be sent in an electronic e-mail attachment (MS Word or .pdf files) to freeex@ucalgary.ca and are due no later than January 24th, 2014.

Jaclyn Carter
Free-Exchange Co-Chair
MA Student, Department of English
University of Calgary

Tom Miller
Free-Exchange Co-Chair
PhD Student, Department of English
University of Calgary