Persistent Texts, Sustainable Enterprises, and the Technologies of Book Making, SAMLA 2014, Deadline June 15

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Bibliography and Textual Criticism Panel, SAMLA
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The Bibliography and Textual Criticism panel welcomes 15-minute papers related to textual studies, bibliography, the history of the book, authorship, rare books, paratextuality, publishing history, circulation and reader reception, and the study of archives, books, or texts as material objects. We view this year's theme of "Sustainability and the Humanities" as widely applicable to bibliographical studies of texts in a variety of media.

Possible avenues of exploration:

The sustainability of publishing houses and production enterprises during periods of change—whether that change involves scribes adapting to the invention of print, nineteenth century printers incorporating stereotyping, or modern publishing houses remaking themselves in an age of the digital book.

Sustainability of the manufacture, use, and preservation of book materials: paper, parchment, binding materials, the rare earths that make e-readers possible, the material considerations of maintaining born-digital texts.

The sustainability and persistence of readers' marks over the lifecycle of a document, whether the base-text is a printed book at risk of being washed, a digital text with layered annotation, or hypertext with comments.

By June 15th, 2014, please email a 350 word abstract and short biography to Meaghan Brown, Florida State University,

The annual convention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association will be held this year at the Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center, Atlanta, GA, on November 7–9, 2014.

Meaghan Brown, Chair
Sarah Stewart, Secretary