The Life, Career and Legacies of Richard M. Nixon

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Journal of American Studies of Turkey
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The Journal of American Studies of Turkey (JAST) is preparing a special Richard M. Nixon issue devoted to focusing on the meaning and legacies both inside and outside the United States of this controversial figure in American history and culture. In April 1994, in the eulogy he delivered at the funeral of Nixon, President Bill Clinton suggested, "[M]ay the day of judging President Nixon on anything less than his entire life and career come to a close." This has certainly not happened: August 2014 will mark the fortieth anniversary of Nixon's dramatic resignation as president of the United States, and still his place in American history is very much under dispute. This anniversary, four decades after Watergate, is timely for a fresh look at Nixon's career and legacy. Nixon's career has also been the subject of a recent comedy program Nixon's The One (2013). Papers may include but are not limited to the following topics:

* Nixon and the idea of "the American Dream"
* From Red Scare to Détente
* Nixon and the press
* Representations of Nixon in the media (film, television, online, etc.)
* Nixon as environmentalist
* Liberalism vs. conservatism
* Morality: "Nixon was no worse than other presidents, he just happened to get caught"
* Nixon, China, and globalization
* Countercultural disdain for Nixon
* Nixon vs. the liberal elite
* Foreign Policy - opening up China
* Nixon and the "Southern Strategy"
* Nixon as a culture warrior
* The Vietnam Syndrome and the rise of neoconservatism
* The Nixon Doctrine and the Middle East
* Government surveillance past, present and future
* Watergate as defining moment in 1970s American culture
* The Nixon tapes and their revelations
* Nixon vs. Woodward & Bernstein
* Frost/ Nixon
* Global evaluations of Nixon, inside and outside the United States
* From Watergate to Whitewater

Proposals for papers should be sent to the Editor, Laurence Raw ( or the issue editor Roger Chapman (

The length is flexible; we invite longer papers (between 5000-7000 words) as well as "think-pieces" (1500-2000 words). Book reviews of material relating to Nixon are also welcome: any suggestions would be gratefully received.

The due date for submission of proposals is 30 April 2014, the date for completed papers 30 September 2014.