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Prof. James Tar Tsaaior, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos
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Theme: Nigeria's Centenary 1914 - 2014: Media, Culture and the Re/Invention of a Postcolonial Nation-State

Nigeria's constitution as a nation-state through colonial fiat was executed in 1914 with the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates by Frederick Lord Lugard, the then governor-general. Since then, the nation has been slouching like a giant of repeated births through the trajectories of a century-long history waiting to be born. The journey to coherent nationhood has been tortuous and torturous sometimes but also uplifting and inspirational, at others. Novelist Chinua Achebe summed up Nigeria's journey through history as a product of many transitions. On his part, President Goodluck Jonathan referred to Nigeria as work in progress. After a brutal civil war and a rich legacy of military interregnum, Nigeria has emerged from the ashes of self-immolation like the proverbial phoenix and is now an emergent democracy. While Nigeria as a nation-state is still in a state of becoming, so much has happened during her century-long life-span to inspire optimism and harness the drums to celebrate.
This year's international conference hopes to engage the monumental issues and historic events which have underwritten and re/defined Nigeria's journey so far. The issues and events have, no doubt, been conditioned by the nation's heterogeneous cultures, social experiences, politics, religion, economic and business life, etc. In particular, the conference intends to negotiate this complex of issues and events and how they circulate in the media. Of special relevance to the conference is how these issues have shaped the media landscape and how the media have in turn shaped these issues.
Prospective participants can engage any of the following sub-themes as they relate to the overall theme of the conference:
o Telling the nation: conceptual/theoretical issues
o The 1914 amalgamation and the politics of nation formation
o Nigerian cultures and colonialist ideology
o The media and nationalist politics
o The writings of the early nationalists
o 1960 as a watershed in Nigerian history/culture
o The media in post-independence Nigeria
o The 1966 coup in the Nigerian media
o The media and the civil war
o Politics in the media, media in politics
o Nigerian civil war literature
o Nigerian literary journalism
o Nigeria and the politics of oil
o The language question and the politics of culture
o Media/culture and Nigerian indigenous languages/literatures
o Musical genres and expressions in Nigeria
o Nigerian film and cinematic traditions
o Nigerian cultures and the politics of gender
o Representations of Nigeria in the Nigerian/African media
o Nigeria and liberation movements in Africa
o Nigeria and the pan-Africanist ideal
o Images of Nigeria in the global media
o Nigeria in global sports
o Issues in Nigerian fashion and entertainment
o Nigeria and popular cultural expressions
o Nigerian media and youth cultures
o The media and political governance in Nigeria
o The media and Nigeria's new diplomatic initiative
o Nigeria and the politics of (new) religion
o Issues in the penetration of the new media in Nigeria
o The Nigerian university at the interface of media/culture
o The challenges of curriculum development in Nigerian institutions
o The media/culture and the future of Nigeria

Interested participants should send in 250-300 word abstracts or panel proposals with their biographical details: full name, institutional affiliation, e-mail and telephone numbers on or before 30 April, 2014. Owners of successful abstracts will be required to submit full papers by 30 June, 2014. The subject of the mail should be "Media and Culture Conference 2014" and be addressed to: Vivian Adeoti - vadeoti@smc.edu.ng, and Tope Falade - tfalade@smc.edu.ng
Dr. James Tar Tsaaior (SMC, Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria)