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EMIT SOCIETY (Early Modern Image and Text Society) hosted by Rutgers University

Although the notion of Ethos is not traditionally associated with that of Eros, the various rationalizations of love in Renaissance
literature and the iconic erotization of its moral and social values (as seen in the ubiquitous code of honor) expose the constant
correlation of both categories in the period. The Spanish-speaking world of the 1500s and 1600s strikingly developed and
problematized such an interrelationship; through Ovidian, Platonic, and Petrarchan mystifications or problematizations, authors
such as Rojas, Cervantes, and Sor Juana ironized the excesses of love, questioning its moral implications and deconstructing its
patriarchal logic. The Early Modern Spanish world thus transformed Eros into a leitmotif that censured as much as it enthroned this
sentiment's moral and emotional trappings.

We seek contributions that critically explore similar visual and verbal permutations of this theme. Questions that the conference
would like to address include, but are not limited to:

• Divinization, destruction or codification of Eros.
• The Eros of war and/or power.
• The other Remedia Amoris.
• Representation and/or construction of Eros, Chaos and/or other mythological deities.
• Erotic disruptions in the early modern subject/identity conceptualizations.
• The ethics and perils of induction to love.
• The follies and fallacies of love.
• Eros and/in the constructions of gender, sex and sexuality.

For more information:

Please send 300 word abstract to Ana Laguna, by MAY 30th, 2014