Call for Papers for a New Series of Online Articles: "The End of Heterosexuality?"

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The Qouch is now accepting submissions for an on-going series of articles on the theme "The End of Heterosexuality?"

Recently, social critics and scholars have proposed the idea that advances in queer rights and visibility could bring "the end of heterosexuality" (or at least as we know it).

In Gaga Feminism, Jack Halberstam takes account of how concepts of family and human relations have shifted as of late:

"Gaga feminism proposes that we look more closely at heterosexuality, not simply to blame it for the continued imbalance of the sexes but to find in its collapse new modes of intimate relation. And this form of feminism actually imagines that men as well as women will feel liberated by the possibilities that the end of heterosexuality and the end of normal create."

For decades, conservative commentators have warned that with the increased rights of queer people will come "the end of heterosexuality" with alternating dystopias of a world with declining birth rates, the implosion of the nuclear family, and the decline of judeo-christian values. Conversely, queer writers have trumpeted this "end of heterosexuality", as the end of normality as we know it—seeing traditional heterosexuality as a bulwark of patriarchy, political oppression, and self-repression.

For this series of textual and visual media articles, The Qouch is asking writers, artists, and scholars to weigh in on this question of "the end of heterosexuality." We are looking for a broad array of approaches to this question that examine the concept of heterosexuality from different perspectives. Articles do not necessarily have to take a position on this question of "the end", but can also critically look at heterosexuality in its history, present, and/or future as an institution, a cultural normal, a social construction, etc.

Some of the questions articles could address include:

-Is the growing mainstream acceptance of lgbt identity changing the standards for heterosexuality? liberating it?

-Regardless of the presence of the lgbt community, what elements of heterosexuality are inherently queer or fall short of "heteronormativity"?

-What do we mean when we think of heterosexuality as "normal"?

-Is the practice of a "queer" heterosexuality possible?

-What does the increasingly queer and/or liberated status of heterosexuality mean for homosexuality?

-How has heterosexuality evolved as a concept over time?

-How does the practice of and standards for heterosexuality vary over different cultures?

-How is heterosexuality depicted in art and the media and what does this reveal about the present or past politics of heterosexuality?

-How has the growing recognition of multiple genders other than the "male/female" binary impacted how we view heterosexuality?

These are just some of the many possibilities for critically engaging the concept of heterosexuality from a queer and/or psychoanalytic perspective. We welcome finished drafts, rough drafts or proposals of finished work, work in progress (such as previews or excerpts), or some previously published works.

We will publish articles as they become available on a rolling basis, but the deadline for inclusion in this on-going series is April 15th.

Please submit all inquires to