Contemporary Dynamics of Langauges and Cultures

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Lumina, The University of South-East Europe
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16-17 May 2014
Bucharest, Romania

The program of Applied Modern Languages at Lumina - University of South-East Europe was created with the aim to circulate, cross and encourage exchanges between the Western cultural and linguistic space, represented by the English and French languages, on the one hand, and the emerging South - Eastern European space, on the border between continents and cultures. It is this positioning, between the East and the West, between the North and the South, between religions that represents the hallmark of our program, open to students from all over the world. Out approach is supported by the Enlightenment paradigm that has been encouraging us for nearly two centuries and a half to venture out. In a world of accelerated interconnectedness, multiple regimes of mobility facilitate the encounters between individuals from different cultures. Cultural relocations triggered by temporary or permanent migration demand the analysis of the mechanisms by which cross-cultural communication is produced. The contemporary intersections between different languages and cultures modify traditional approaches to these concepts, imposing the need for their redefinition in more fluid terms. Our conference concerns itself with the transformation of linguistic and cultural boundaries as a consequence of multiple cultural contacts. It seeks out to establish mechanisms of linguistic and cultural translations, cultural and linguistic transfers and the types of identities shaped by these encounters. Considering the heterogeneous nature of the South-Eastern European cultural space as well as its contact with Western cultural productions, the first edition of our conference would like to establish the main patterns of cultural and linguistic dialogues produced at the intersection of these spaces.
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