"Women's Writing/Women's Work in Early Modernity" Submissions due 3/20/14

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Amy L. Tigner? Early Modern Studies Journal
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Early Modern Studies Journal is soliciting essays for a special volume whose subject concerns women's writing and its connection to women's work, broadly interpreted. Essays might focus more particularly on either the writing or the work of women, or they might show the intricate ways in which writing and work are related in the female sphere of the 16th and 17th centuries. Though the journal primarily focuses on the literature and culture of England, we encourage articles concerning women's literary and material production in other geographical contexts in the early modern period, though essays need to be written in English. The following list is of possible topics, but should not be considered exhaustive:

1. Early modern women literary writers, such as Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Cary, Mary Sidney Herbert, Mary Sidney Wroth, Elizabeth Cary, Aemelia Lanyer, Margaret Cavendish, and Aphra Behn.
2. Early modern writers of skills manuals (receipt books—culinary and medicinal, almanacs, household advice, midwifery), such as, Hannah Woolley, Sarah Jinner and Elizabeth Grey.
3. The relationship between writing and cooking in receipt books.
4. Writing and medicine.
5. Writing and early scientific discovery
6. Writing and gardening
7. Writing and needlework/tapestry
8. Writing and fine art
9. Writing and housewifery/household management
10. Women's writing and religion and/or politics.

The essays should be between 7,000-9,000 words, should be part of the historical and scholarly conversation (therefore we expect somewhere in the range of 30-50 primary/secondary sources, depending on the subject), and should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Essays lacking those criteria will not be reviewed. For more information about submissions or about the journal generally please see http://www.uta.edu/english/ees/

Submissions are due March 20, 2014. Please send submissions to Amy L. Tigner, atigner@uta.edu. The volume will appear in Fall 2014.