Global Modernism Symposium

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Ithaca College English Department
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Please take note of a conference that is taking place April 3-4, 2014 at Ithaca College:

ITHACA COLLEGE, April 3-4, 2014
Thursday: 3-7 pm and Friday: 8am-8pm
Location: Panels, Park School of Business 301; Keynotes and Readings at IC's Handwerker Gallery

Keynote Speakers: Paul Saint-Amour (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and Andrew van der Vlies (Queen Mary, UK).

The Global Modernism Symposium is a two-day academic event hosted by the Ithaca College English Department. The GMS is distinguished by its structure and organization, which relies on the direction of junior scholars in the broadly-conceived field of Global Modernisms. Taking David James's question of why global writers "have chosen--creatively yet purposively-- to extend modernist resources in representing sociocultural environments and conflicts" as a jumping off point, the GMS's organizers seek to address Modernism's belated recognition of its global inheritance and inheritors. The GMS faculty group selected six junior faculty from around the country to design panels on a topic central to their research and integral to the development of this relatively new branch of modernist studies. The panels take up issues of ethics and aesthetics, internationalism and nationalism, genre and form, center and periphery, and colonialism and authoritarianism, and do so in a manner that both historicizes the traditionally understood definition of Modernism, while making room for critical interventions once thought to be outside the bounds of modernist thought. The panels will be framed by two keynote papers by leading figures in the field, Professors Paul Saint-Amour (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and Andrew van der Vlies (Queen Mary, UK). The writer Patrick Flanery, author of the novels Absolution (2012) and Fallen Land (2013), will offer a reading from his recent work, fiction that both in its material circulation and textual preoccupations is expressly global.

The Symposium will take place at Ithaca College, April 3-4, 2014. All events are free and open to the public. Registration is suggested to ensure a seat at the keynote addresses and Patrick Flanery's reading, and can be completed for free at this webpage.

Genre and Global Modernism
Panel Organizer: Lily Saint (Wesleyan)
Panelists: Amy Clukey (University of Louisville) & Nicole Rizzuto (Georgetown)
Ethics and The Aesthetics of Difference
Panel Organizer: Ania Spyra (Butler)
Panelists: Chris Bush (Northwestern) & Josh Miller (Michigan) & Chris Holmes (Ithaca College)
Fictions of Authoritarianism and the (Re)turns of Modernism
Panel Organizer: Magali Armillas-Tiseyra (University of Mississippi)
Panelists: Lanie Millar (University of Oregon) & Anne Garland (University of Arizona)
Modernism and Internationalism
Panel Organizer: Aarthi Vadde (Duke)
Panelists: Thomas Davis (Ohio State University) & Nico Israel (CUNY - Hunter College)
English, Spanish, and the Politics of Global Modernisms
Panel Organizer: Gayle Rogers (University of Pittsburgh)
Panelists: Harris Feinsod (Northwestern) & Lori Cole (Brandeis University)
Center and Periphery Modernisms
Panel Organizer: Jennifer Spitzer (Ithaca College)
Panelists: Lily Sheehan (Oregon State University) & Tim Wientzen (Harvard)

Information about the conference, including panel descriptions, paper abstracts, and participant bios can be accessed at: For additional enquiries about the conference please contact Chris Holmes or Jennifer Spitzer