Law Society Thinkpieces - call for submissions

full name / name of organization: 
The Law Society, London, UK

The Law Society's Research Unit is launching a series of thinkpieces intended to provide stimulus for discussion based around a topic relevant to lawyers, the legal profession as a whole and those with an interest in business ownership and the legal services market.

The purpose is to present a point of view or argument in ways which challenge readers to consider their own views and encourages them to enter into a constructive debate.

We would like to invite submissions which engage, but are not limited to, the following themes (please bear in mind that the majority of our readers will be coming from a UK legal context, so contributors should not assume familiarity with International systems):

• Technology/digital strategy for businesses
• Globalisation, legal profession and legal practice
• Regulation and ethics of legal practice
• Citizen, client and profession: access to justice
• Consumer choice and decision-making
• Rule of law, democracy and legal practice
• Dispute Resolution
• Legal profession, legal education and skills

Format as follows:
- A brief Word or Powerpoint document, ranging between 2 to 8 pages in length; or a maximum 3,500 word limit.
- The first page should begin with an outline of the main argument or questions explored (up to 50 words).
- Content should be easy to read and digest (in respect of terminology and writing style rather than conceptual complexity) - embracing text and/or visual approaches to presentation.
- Because this is a personal stance, we would expect style, voice and tone to reflect that of the author.

Please send any queries, idea proposals or full thinkpieces to Dr. Tara Chittenden Submissions will be blind reviewed by our reference group prior to acceptance for publication.