The 2014 International Conference on Romanticism, Sept. 25-28

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The International Conference on Romanticism (ICR)
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The 2014 meeting of the International Conference on Romanticism will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted by the University of St. Thomas. In keeping with the spirit of the ICR, the conference organizers wish to focus on the cross-disciplinary and international aspects of Romanticism. The theme will be "Romantic Reflections: Twins, Echoes, and Appropriations" which should be interpreted in its broadest context.

For more information please visit the conference website at

Possible topics could include but should not be limited to:

Reflections in the arts
Reflections in the sciences
Romantic reflections
Sociological reflections
Cross-national echoes
Environmental reflections
Colonial reflections
Romantic Others
Reflections in nature
Class reflections
Gothic appropriations
Gender reflections
Intertextual echoes
War and Peace
Boundary and border crossings
Critical reflections
Romantic collaborations
Philosophical reflections
Interdisciplinary Romanticism
Traveling reflections
Aesthetic reflections
Economic echoes
Romantic appropriations of archetypes and myths

Abstract for complete panels and individual papers are welcome. Please send 250 word abstracts to The deadline for submissions is April 21st , 2014.