[UPDATED] The Prosaic Imaginary: novels and the everyday, 1750-2000

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The University of Sydney


The Prosaic Imaginary: novels and the everyday, 1750-2000
July 1-4 2014
University of Sydney


Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Professor Maud Ellmann, Randy L. & Melvin R. Berlin Professor of the Development of the Novel in English, Chicago
Associate Professor Julie Park, Vassar
Professor John Plotz, Brandeis

The conference will open up the nuances of the term 'prosaic' by exploring the privileged relationship between the novel genre and multiple and complex categories of the 'everyday'. Building on John Plotz's notion of the novel as exemplary 'portable property', the conference will address the relationship between novel-reading as everyday activity and the novel's prosaic subject matter, whether this is conceived as material object, cultural practice, or speech act.

Suggested topics:
The novel and things
The novel and film/and TV
Readerships of the novel
The novel and gender
The novel and childhood
Queer novels
Psychologies of the novel
Novel genres
The odd or uncategorisable
The secular imagination
Book history and the novel
The novel and the digital everyday
Characters as quasi-persons
Novel worlds
The novel and the institutionalisation of affect
The novel as political action
Temporalities of the novel
The novel and the forms of property
The scale of the novel

Proposals for 20 minute papers or for 3 paper panel sessions should be sent to
Vanessa Smith (Vanessa.smith@sydney.edu.au) by March 31 2014. Postgraduate submissions welcomed.

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