CFP: Global Diasporas - Spectrality and the Uncanny, PAMLA 10/31-11/2 2014

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PAMLA 2014
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"Global Diasporas: Spectrality and the Uncanny." PAMLA Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2014

This special session has been approved for the 2014 Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association (PAMLA) Conference in Riverside, California from October 31 to November 2, 2014.

We are interested in papers looking at literary texts and cultural productions that examine the relations between diasporas and their homelands and hostlands through various representations of spectres, ghosts, haunting, and uncanny experiences or Gothic settings and plots.

We wish to consider how and if diasporic uncanniness and ghostliness are connected to geopolitical events and a history of physical or symbolic violence and trauma within and across national borders, as suggested by Grace M. Cho's 2008 book, _Haunting the Korean Diaspora_. In her 2003 essay about the Chinese diaspora in Australia, Wenche Ommundsen employs a term, "tough ghosts," mentioned by one of her interview subjects, to describe the resilient yet spectral presence and power of cultural traditions among the immigrant community. The ghostly presence and haunting legacy of the home or nation need not always lead to disturbing or destructive consequences for the diaspora; in some cases it may help to preserve or protect elements of the cultural past in face of pressures to assimilate or acculturate.

We invite papers on literature produced by writers concerned with diasporic or postcolonial cultural identities, transnational communities, ethnonationalism, and globalization as problem and possibility. Comparative papers on two writers within one diaspora expressing different perspectives on ghostliness or engaging variously with Gothic forms of uncanny experience, or papers focusing on one writer whose addressing different aspects of haunting and spectrality between the nation and diaspora are especially welcome.

Please send questions and proposals (approximately 500 words) to Weihsin Gui at weihsin.gui "at" Proposals will also need to submitted on the PAMLA website at Deadline: May 1, 2014.