[UPDATE] Remembering (in) Hitchcock

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MLA-2015 Vancouver
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How does memory function as form and/or as narrative in Hitchcock's films (addressing trauma, cure, desire, film ontology welcome but not limited to). Serving as sorts of human thumb drives, both Mr. Memory in Thirty-Nine Steps and Van Meer in Foreign Correspondent serve as memory correlatives in Hitchcock films, a crucial aspect of psychoanalytic cure of trauma. Presentations might consider Scotty remembering the Carlotta necklace, Alice's haunting memory of Crewe's murder, Mrs.Verloc's memory of her dead brother, Madeleine's memory of Carlotta, John Ballantyne's memory of his brother's death in Spellbound and Hitchcock's own traumatized hiatus from Pinewood Studios after filming the Holocaust documentary Memory of the Camps (w/Sidney Bernstein 1945).

Please include a 500 word abstract and 1 page CV.  Due date is 3/30/2014