Pedagogical Landscapes: Materialities of the Neo/Liberal Arts (MLA 2015)

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Richard Simpson
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Familiar descriptors such as the "information economy," "creative economy," and "knowledge-based economy," all reveal how education today functions as a dominant narrative framing technical and economic reforms as well as struggles over political, intellectual, and moral leadership on an international scale. A wealth of intellectual work has outlined the increasingly intimate relationship of capital and education under a neo-liberal rationale providing an absolutely thorough sense of the contemporary university as a corporate body with a new and powerful cosmopolitan sheen.

This panel seeks to address the ways this narrative process functions on material, geographic, regional, or corporeal levels. How do educational forms produce and help to define a new economic internationalism and cultural cosmopolitanism? How do material forms such as campus architecture, classroom structure, administration structure, humanist management, adjunct contracts, and civic pedagogies currently legitimize or challenge the intense political consolidation of neoliberalism on a national or global scale? How do the landscape, interiors, and social amenities of the increasingly ambitious corporate campus function pedagogically?

By focusing on the materiality of education, we seek to generate a discussion on the relationship between forms of thought and forms of socio-economic structures that are not merely represented by pedagogical structures, but are also generated and concretely established through them.

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