Soils and Narrative

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Falmouth University

Soils and Narrative: 5 July 2014

A one day literary event held as part of the
Soil Culture Forum (

2 - 5 July 2014, Falmouth University.

Confirmed keynote speaker: Richard Kerridge (Author of forthcoming: Cold Blood: Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians, Chatto & Windus (8 May 2014), Nature writer and literary critic, Course Director of the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. Chair, ASLE-UK, 1999-2004)

The Soil Culture Forum is a four day event, the final day of which is devoted to connections between soil and the written word.

The year 2015 has been designated the 'UN International Year of Soils 2015. Driven by the increasing loss of soil, the intention of the 'UN International Year of Soils 2015.' is to promote an awareness through all sectors of society enabling an understanding of just how important the soil is to the maintenance of our existence on this planet.
Every day, the soil on our Earth is depleted. Like all of Earth's natural resources soil is finite. It is 'non-renewable on a human time scale'. According to the Global Soil Partnership, the soil is a 'foundation for food, animal feed, fuel and natural fibre production, the supply of clean water, nutrient cycling and a range of ecosystem functions'.

Without soil, we cannot exist.

We have lost an understanding of not only the physical presence of soil, but also of the stories that provide a cultural appreciation of what soil means to us. Soils and Narrative will focus not simply on the soil itself, but on the cultural narratives that are a conceptual part of soil and, indeed, of ourselves.

In an exciting and inspirational interdisciplinary approach which takes into account the fundamental importance of creating soil awareness across both the academic and the public spectrum, we are seeking both academic and creative papers that address some form of engagement between soil and narrative.