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Brendan Beirne / New York University
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This panel investigates the multiethnic dimension of 20th and 21st century maximalist works of art, cinema and literature. Do recent works by novelists such as Leslie Silko, Karen Yamashita, Anna Deveare Smith, Sergio de la Pava, Junot Diaz et al evince continuities with what Lawrence Buell has recently described (in The Dream of the Great American Novel) as "the minoritarian turn in protagonist-centric narrative from the mid-twentieth century onward," or are such works better understood as harbingers of a new relationship between ethnic-American writers / writing and forms of 'total fiction'? Is the increasingly multicultural tenor of maximalist works of art merely representative of demographic changes and the inclusion of minority voices into the canon, or are multiethnic perspectives somehow coming to be seen as constitutive of the genre itself?

Prospective presenters should submit a 250-300 word abstract and CV. by 17 March 2014.

Encyclopedic novel; multiculturalism; cosmopolitanism.