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Critical Black
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In preparation for its re-launch, Critical Black, the online blog with user-submitted content, is issuing a call for written pieces on topics related to racial and social justice.

The purpose of Critical Black is to facilitate dynamic conversations about social and racial justice issues in order to promote respect, understanding and mutual support. In order to be effective, such discourse must be cognizant of the diversity of experiences in society created by social markers like race, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Critical Black welcomes original pieces on any related issue.

Examples of appropriate topics include:

• Black Female Sexuality and Professional Achievement
• Cultural Appropriation in Mainstream Cinema
• Suggested Methods for Education Reform
• Mandatory Minimums and their Effect on People of Color

As Critical Black's content is user-submitted it is necessary for each piece to undergo a submission process to ensure that the work furthers the goals of the blog. The purpose of Critical Black is to provide a forum for thoughtful conversations that advance the understanding of social justice issues in a diverse society. As such, pieces dedicated to simply arguing for or against a practice or policy without providing a critical analysis of the issues implicated are less likely to be accepted. Reprints and academic essays will be considered.

Submission Guidelines

We ask that authors submit their pieces in Word format along with a short summary of the piece that includes the title, a short description of the topic(s) to be addressed, and a five to ten sentence author biography. The piece, along with authors' contact information, should be submitted via e-mail to Critical Black at Please put "Content Submission - [Author Name]" in the subject line. No compensation will be provided to those authors whose pieces are accepted.

Though there is no word limit for pieces, please be cognizant that pieces that are too long or too short may fail to engage readers. Pieces should be spellchecked and free of gross grammatical errors. Acceptance decisions will be made within two weeks of submission. Accepted pieces will be published on the Critical Black website and will remain on the site in perpetuity. The work remains solely the property of the author. Accepted pieces will be published on the website as they are accepted. Pieces will be published not more than one week after acceptance.

Critical Black looks forward to receiving submissions in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties. Questions may be sent via e-mail to Participation in this effort to produce dialogue around racial and social justice issues is much needed and has the potential to create great change. Discourse is power.