'Reforming Shakespeare: 1593 and After' -- 3 June 2014

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Gabriel Egan / De Montfort University
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What: 'Reforming Shakespeare: 1593 and After'

When: 3 June 2014

Where: De Montfort University, Leicester, England

Why: This is a one-day scholarly symposium on the kinds of alteration that have occurred to Shakespeare's writing as it has made its journey from author to readers and playgoers. 'Reforming' may take the sense of being given new shape as authorial or non-authorial adaptation, rewriting, borrowing or allusion and arguments about any of these processes in connection with Shakespeare fall within our purview. 'Reforming' can also suggest correction and improvement, including censorship, editing, and tidying up of text to make it conform to new conditions of reception, and contributions on those topics are also welcome. Send proposals for 15-minute papers to Prof Deborah Cartmell and Prof Gabriel Egan .

Who: Prof Graham Holderness (University of Hertfordshire) and Prof Richard Wilson (Kingston University) are confirmed keynote speakers. The rest will be chosen from submitted proposals.

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and distribute wherever interested parties may be found.