Online Relationships, NCA 2014, November 20-23

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National Communication Association

NCA 2014 Call for Panelists

Tentative Title: We met online and we are staying online

I am seeking panelists to join a NCA panel on the topic of mediated communication in online relationships/friendships. A lot of the research on online relationships has focused on the boundary work between the real and the virtual or the transition from online to face-to-face or face-to-face to online. This panel aims to take a different approach and instead focus on relationships that exist primarily online. There are many ways to approach the notion of "online only" relationships and interested panelists are welcome to suggest their own take on this topic.

Possible topics include: Online support groups, message boards such as Reddit or 4chan, online gamers who migrate in groups from one Massively Multiplayer Online Game to another, individuals who extend their friendship across multiple Social Network Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr without ever meeting face-to-face, interest groups that meet exclusively online, etc.

I anticipate submitting this to the Student Section (but I am willing to consider other divisions). If you are interested in contributing to the panel, please email a short (75 words or less) description of your project/paper and your contact information (name, school affiliation, and email address) to by March 22nd. If your project is selected, you will need to write a 500 word abstract by March 25.

NCA Submission deadline is March 26.