"To The Lighthouse: The Times Are A-Changing"

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Eduardo Barreto
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This paper concerns itself with the "Time Passes" section in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse. Arguably, the middle section functions as the enlacing center between "The Window" and "The Lighthouse," while recording the passing of time and walking the reader through the passing of time with serenity. In short, the concern of this study is to demonstrate how "Time Passes" completes the meaning of the other two sections, and enriches the novel. (1) Unlike the other two sections, the readerly quality of "Time Passes" creates a type of passive readership that (a) receives a comprehensive view (almost virtual and panoramic) of the narrative, and (b) receives fully formed meaning through which analysis (deconstruction of meaning) is possible. (2) Also, the existence and construction of "Time Passes" unifies two seemingly disconnected short stories, and gives cohesiveness and stability to the novel, all the while displaying an acuteness of metaphoric language and spatial imagery.