CCCC "Risk and Reward" Panel Proposal: Histories of Administration

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Emily January Petersen and Ryan Moeller / Utah State University

We seek panel members for the upcoming CCCC: March 18-21, 2015 in Tampa, Florida. The theme of the conference is "Risk and Reward," with a focus on how innovation is usually lauded for its successes, while we sometimes fail to see or acknowledge the risks (and failures) involved. Our panel seeks to explore this theme through a historical lens, looking at how a number of program administrators took risks.

Taking up L'Eplattenier & Mastrangelo's (2004) call in Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration to help "university administrators and writing program administrators [. . . ] rethink the classification" and impact of administrative work, we invite proposals on the history of administration from perspectives that impact the CCCC audience, from composition and writing programs to writing centers and across departments, colleges, universities, technical programs, and so on (xx). Proposals might look at individual administrators or programs, the communities of practice they engender, or the disciplinary boundaries they've challenged (and supported). Overall, we would like our panel to explore what we can learn from the administrative innovations in our field and how these innovations were largely the result of risks taken. What can we learn about program administration from historical research on them? How do histories of administration give insight into today's administrative practices? What is to be gained from looking at program administration from a historical lens?

Please send 1250-character proposals for individual presentations and a brief biography to Emily Petersen and Ryan Moeller at and by 25 April 2014. Notifications will be made by 28 April, leaving the panel a full week to fine-tune our proposal.