[UPDATE] Sustainability as Preservation and Persistence in the Medieval Period - SAMLA 2014 - Nov 7-9

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Rachel Scoggins/Georgia State University

English I (Medieval) Regular Session at 2014 SAMLA Conference (Atlanta)

Sustainability is a concept that would have been unknown in the Anglo-Saxon Age, at least as we now define and use the term. But certainly the preservation of learning, the care, copying and circulation of manuscripts, and the conservation and recirculation of material culture (including religious relics) were persistent and continuous activities during this period. This session invites papers that deal with any of these topics or any other aspect of the Anglo Saxon period.

Please submit a 250-word abstract, a one-page bio, and A/V requirements by May 15 to Rachel Scoggins, Georgia State University, at vscoggins2@student.gsu.edu.