The mediated society: Living and working with immersive media technologies

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University of Applied Sciences

The mediated society: Living and working with immersive media technologies
Fourth interdisciplinary conference illusion immersion involvement [iiiiv]

The Institute of Immersive Media (ifim) organizes the fourth interdisciplinary conference illusion immersion involvement, October 31 to November 1, 2014, Kiel, Germany. The conference website is:

The fourth interdisciplinary conference illusion immersion involvement invites researchers and developers to meet on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel to enjoy the fresh sea air and immerse themselfes in the multidisciplinary discussion on immersive media in the context of everyday life. We are therefore looking forward to the submissions of lecture abstracts that deal with the concept of immersive media in theory and practice.

The catchphrase of the "all embracing media" can be related the ubiquitous media in our daily life, but also to the fact that there seems to be more and more media, which actually immerse the users in a physical way. Such innovative media technologies are used in research and development, science and entertainment, but their paradigms of use are not nearly explored yet.
Because the media evolution progresses rapidly, we are forced to integrate new technologies into our life world, andit seems to make sense, to reflect and to anticipate this development scientific and conceptually. In the course of this we can only guess how the media of the future will look and work. However, reflections from media theory or feasibility studies like the Illumiroom by Samsung and Microsoft or Movies like Minority Report (2002), Gamer (2009) or Prometheus (2012), are showing us today what we might can expect from future media. But some immersive media technologies and aesthetic strategies of immersion are already present in almost all areas of our present daily life - in the entertainment sector, in teaching and research, in medicine or in our own living rooms.
So the fourth interdisciplinary conference illusion immersion involvement is dedicated to the reflection of the current situation, the (r)evolution of immersive media and the anticipation and design of new media technologies and applications. Our goal is to bring together researchers and developers in this field, in order to stimulate the discussion about current projects and future-oriented developments, so that resulting from the exchange of thoughts on developments and results, new ideas will emerge.

Please send your paper abstract, a brief biographical information, and contact details to Prof. Dr. Patrick Rupert-Kruse via: The deadline for submissions is June 16, 2014. The lectures can set a theoretical, technological or aesthetic focus, discuss psychological and physiological problems as well as conceptual and practical applications.
In cooperation with the conference there will be the festival of spatial media COORDINATES.
The festival COORDINATES is dedicated to the artistic use and research possibilities of surrounding media, and provides media professionals a forum to present their work. For more information, please contact or