MPCA / ACA -- Mythology and Popular Culture Panel

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Midwest Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association
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The Mythology section of the Midwest Popular Culture / American Culture Association invites papers on any intersection of myth and popular culture for our upcoming meeting. This year's MPCA/ACA meeting is October 3-5, 2014 in Indianapolis, IN.

For the purposes of this panel, we broadly define "myth" as any sacred story that creates group identification or community. Obviously, religious myths such as creations, hero tales, and apocalyptic stories all fit the category "myth." However, "sacred story" doesn't necessarily mean "religious story." For example, a myth might be sub-cultural, like Minnesotan tales of Paul Bunyan, or it might be nationalist, such as George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. When these myths – religious, cultural, or other – find afterlives in popular culture, we have interesting grounds for analysis. In that spirit, we invite your papers.

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Jessica Tinklenberg, Area Chair