IFPE International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education 25th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference: Necessary Fictions

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Billy Brennan/International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education
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International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education

25th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference

necessary fictions

Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, California
November 6–8, 2014

Thomas H. Ogden, M.D.
Hans W. Loewald Memorial Award

Thomas B. Kirsch, M.D., Gerald J. Gargiulo, Ph.D., and Gayle Salamon, Ph.D.
Distinguished Psychoanalytic Educators


For 25 years IFPE has been home to thinking, dialoguing, and creating an ongoing conversation about psychoanalysis—welcoming many voices and viewpoints. This year's theme, necessary fictions, aims to ignite your imagination and stir your creativity. It points us toward the essence of the mind and weaves unconscious fantasy.

necessary fictions invites an exploration of the interplay between psychoanalysis, truth, creativity, writing, and literature—penetrating the boundaries between the real, the unreal, and the in-between. It is a theme that spotlights the fabrications of mind in the service of survival, and is reflected in our narratives of self and other.

Psychoanalysis has long been intertwined with literary works. Freud won the Goethe Prize for Literature in 1930, and his case studies have been compared to novels. Over the past decade there has been a shift in psychoanalytic writing as we struggle to find the words that best capture the psychoanalytic process and our experience in the consulting room.

Fittingly, IFPE's 2014 recipient of the Hans W. Loewald Award is Thomas H. Ogden, M.D., who has written extensively on both psychoanalysis and the act of writing.

The analytic writer is continually bumping up against a paradoxical truth: analytic experience (which cannot be said or written) must be transformed into 'fiction' (an imaginative rendering of an experience in words) if what is true to the experience is to be conveyed to the reader.–Thomas H. Ogden

This year's conference is also a celebration, convening in San Francisco for our 25th annual conference on November 6-8, 2014. We invite all who have been a part of IFPE over the decades to join us, and those who are soon to become part of our history to meet us. Over the past 25 years, IFPE has evolved and fostered a unique, alternative space to think, dialogue, and reflect on psychoanalysis, in and out of the consulting room, across disciplines, and extending to art and culture. IFPE strives to create a conference environment where all are welcome to join the conversation.

We will gather in the city of "the golden west," with its striking beauty, inspiring diversity, revolution and cultural change, where sociopolitical and literary landscapes intersect with personal experience. While traversing the terrain of human emotions in our lifetime of expectations, we need a space in which to talk and listen, converse, reflect, and read and write. Fictions, truths, stories, and meaning…

Visit our website and download the full version of the "Call for Participation," and the proposal submission form: www.IFPE.org/2014-conference. Or to have a copy emailed to you, contact Admin@IFPE.org or call (310) 694-3463. Please provide your name, and email address. Proposal forms must be submitted electronically no later than May 1, 2014.