The 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Adaptation Studies,Flagler College, St. Augustine Florida, USA September 26-28

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Adaptations and Multiplicities
The 9th Annual Conference of the Association
of Adaptation Studies

Flagler College, St. Augustine Florida, USA
September 26-28, 2014

Adaptations belong to the larger category of multiplicities,
that is, textual pluralities defined by various forms of re-use,
reformulation, and re-instantiation, including remakes,
sequels, trilogies, imitations, appropriations, continuations,
serials, cycles, oeuvres, genres, and franchises.

Papers are invited on all aspects of the interrelationship of these forms
of textual pluralizing with adaptation.

Suggested topics include:

· Adaptation of a literary series as a cinematic franchise
(e.g., Lord of the Rings, the James Bond novels, C.S. Lewis)
· Sequeling or trilogizing a single source (e.g. the Godfather films)
· Rebooting and recontextualized forms of adaptation (e.g. Batman)
· The adaptive remake (e.g. Psycho, The Manchurian Candidate)
· Film cycles as adaptations (e.g., film noir)
· Authorship, oeuvre, and adaptation (e.g. Merchant and Ivory)
· Branding and adaptation (e.g. John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock, the Coen Brothers)

200-word abstracts of suggested papers (which should be limited to 20 minutes) plus a short biographical notice should be submitted by July 1, 2014:

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