Everyday Relationscapes: Iceland, July 24-31, 2014

full name / name of organization: 
Heterologies of the Everyday Circle / Nordic Summer University

Summer symposium:
"Heterologies of the Everyday: Everyday Relationscapes"
Nordic Summer University, Heterologies of the Everyday research circle
24 - 31 July, 2014, Hótel Mikligardur, Sauðárkrókur, Iceland.

Everyday space is a space of relational practices, where lives unfold within the fluid relationscapes of spaces, things and others around us. Everyday relationscapes are grounded by material and historical circumstances within the ideological landscape of body-politics. But everyday relationscapes also include bodily spacebuilding, as described by Certeau, and they include creativity of movement, rhythm, and events in becoming, as described within a Deleuzian framework by Erin Manning.

This symposium welcomes papers addressing different aspects in the sphere of everyday relationscapes, including heterogeneous spaces of natural and built environments and their cultural representations.

Keynote speakers: Erin Manning and Stefanie von Schnurbein

Please send abstracts (300-500 words) to the coordinator of the summer symposium, Arto Haapala, by 01 May 2014 (arto.haapala@helsinki.fi). If you wish to participate without giving a paper, kindly send a short (150-300 word) description of yourself and your interests, also by 01 May 2014. Later submissions may be considered, in the event that there are still available places.

This symposium is organized by the research circle Heterologies of the Everyday, which is part of the Nordic Summer University network. This circle aims to address what is most relevant and unavoidably present for every human being: everyday existence. We analyse the experience of the everyday in its developments from the post-WWII period to the present era. This is an interdisciplinary project that works at the intersection of cultural studies, philosophy, literary criticism, art criticism, film studies, urban studies, anthropology, sociology and human geography.

The 2014 Summer Session of the Nordic Summer University will take place in northern Iceland. For practical information (including participation fees and travel tips), see: http://s2014.nsuweb.org/