CFP: Special Issue of American Periodicals on War and Periodicals (Abstracts Due: January 30, 2015)

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James Berkey and Mark Noonan
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CFP: Special Issue of American Periodicals on War and Periodicals

American Periodicals is currently seeking submissions for a special issue on "War and Periodicals," guest edited by James Berkey (Duke University) and Mark Noonan (CUNY). The journal is devoted exclusively to scholarship and criticism relating to American magazines and newspapers of all periods.

With the Civil War sesquicentennial coming to a close and World War I centennial commemorations getting underway, the time is particularly ripe to engage in productive dialogue about war and periodicals. This special issue seeks to refract the already rich discussions taking place about war and culture through the lens of periodical studies. Writers for the special edition might address:

• periodicals as spaces of dialogue and/or dissent
• seriality and war
• the rise of the war correspondent
• women journalists
• photography and war
• soldier newspapers
• trench journalism
• fictional representations of war in periodicals
• anti-war publications
• the imagined communities of wartime America
• intra- and intertextual readings of war-time periodical fiction
• issues of authenticity in the representation of war in periodicals
• advertisements and war
• effect of war on periodicals (changes in editorial policies, suppression of material, etc.)
• major authors at war (Hemingway, Crane, Alcott, Wharton, Whitman)
• war in the periodical marketplace (competing visions amongst magazines)
• the yellow press
• illustrating war
• the appearance of periodicals in war-time fiction
• war and the radical Left (Ken, Mother Earth, The Masses)
• response to war in African American periodicals
• newspapers and war
• zines and war
• Digital Humanities approaches to war-time periodicals
• digital innovations in war journalism and photography (blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Hipstamatic)
• representing 9/11 in the periodicals

Send abstracts to James Berkey at by January 30, 2015. Completed essays should be no more than 7500 words and will be due September 2015. All submissions should conform to the style of American Periodicals (see and will undergo peer review in keeping with the procedures of the journal. The issue will appear in the fall of 2016.