EAEC2014 - The European Art Education Conference 2014

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The Cornaro Institute
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General Introduction

EAEC2014 - The European Art Education Conference 2014 is a new conference organised by the Cornaro Institute in Larnaca, Cyprus and the historic Cyprus College of Art.

It is aimed that the conference will become an annual event, but this first conference is designed to set the parameters for the debate as to what art education is about, its historical roots and where it should be going. This will be within the context of how an annual conference like EAEC can help assist in the discussions around the current state, history and future of art education. Important to us is that this debate is led by artists within art education, and not only the managers and officials at the top of art education structures, making a EAEC a unique place in which artists who are also art educators are given a central role.

The event will take place at the Cornaro Institute, an arts and education centre located in the beautiful coastal town of Larnaca, on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. A field trip will also be organised to visit art education centres in universities and elsewhere in Cyprus, including non-formal art education locations.

Detailed Description

Art education is in a state of flux. While on the one side there are dramatic changes in the funding structures for university level art education in some countries, in others there are new universities and colleges emerging offering higher level art education programmes. At the same time we see a resurgence in the number of institutions offering art education outside of the mainstream accreditation and validation systems.

In this conference we aim to bring together art lecturers with an interest in the future of higher level art education. We will be asking the questions,what do we want from art students in the twenty-first century, what do they want from us, what is it we can really teach in the studio and how? Alongside this is the question what does the history of art education offer us in trying to determine the future?

In asking these questions we are seeking to bring together not simply the managers of art education but those who actually do the teaching, the artists and lecturers in the studios with the students. Although teaching at the "coal face" of art education might overlap with questions dealt with at other art education conferences, such as the convergence of systems under the Bologna Process in the European Union, at this conference we want to address more pressing questions that arise from the practicalities of art teaching.

The conference is being held in Cyprus at the Cornaro Institute, part of the Cyprus College of Art, one of the more unusual unofficial art schools in Europe, and will take place in the pretty coastal city of Larnaca. Our hosts are collaborating with the Municipality of Larnaca in staging the conference, as well as with figures from many major universities and art schools around the world.

Being based in the Middle East we will also have an opportunity to hear from art lecturers in locations with troubled histories, including Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.

The conference is also an opportunity to network with your colleagues from different institutions around the world.​ Being based in Cyprus is also an opportunity to visit some stunning historic and natural sites, museums and art galleries.

Submission of Abstracts for Papers

If you are interested in giving a talk at the conference please submit a proposal for a paper. Standard papers are 30 minutes long.

We are very open minded on the topic of papers, so if you have an idea for a presentation that is not covered by the suggestions given here please feel free to submit a proposal, or contact us first to discuss the idea.

Possible suggested topics include:​

1. What can we really teach in the art studio?
2. Traditional skills or critical thinking?
3. Histories past. Experience now. Possibilities future
4. State, accredited or independent?
5. News from Elsewhere: Teaching Art in Troubled Areas
6. Can art education really be radical?
7. Relating Art Education to the Wider Art World.
8. Other topics (also welcome).

Proposals for papers should comprise a cover sheet showing:

1. Your title (eg. Mr, Ms, Dr, Prof. etc.) and full name
2. Your institutional affiliation (if any)
3. Your postal address, e'mail address and telephone number
4. The title of your proposed paper

With this you should send a proposal/abstract for your paper of no more than 300 words and a copy of your CV/resume to michael@artcyprus.org with the subject line EAEC2014.

All papers must be delivered in English.

The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2014, but earlier submission is recommended as a number of places are already allocated to speakers and remaining slots are limited. Speakers and non-speakers are charged a 100 euro attendance fee which also covers the field trip, but not accommodation or other travel. Students are charged 85 euro.