Scholarly Articles for Edited Collection

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Voices of the Unseen: Revolt and the Building of Radical Transnationalism

We are looking for three articles for an edited collection:

1. Analysis of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Movement and its impact from a global perspective;

2. Environmental activism and/or the struggle against "climate imperialism";

3. Anti-militarism from a global perspective.

Please submit abstracts (300-500 words) to John Maerhofer and Autumn Quezada-Grant by May 30th.

Here is a description of the book proposal:

Today we find ourselves in a moment of global insurgency which is challenging the structural limits of institutionalized democracy and profit-driven globalization. With the commonality of struggle against the irrepressible crisis of capitalist globalization and those who run it, these mass movements are charged with forms of political participation that point towards an emergent radicalized transnationalism, what Alain Badiou labels a "rebirth of history" in the post-1968 era, when dispersed movements erupted across the world in reaction to similar crises. For Hamid Dabashi, the uprisings across the Arab World represent a newly-oriented transnational consciousness, one that moves beyond the reification of postcoloniality and its restrictive configurations of liberation. While it is evident that global insurrection has initiated a re-intervention of radical universality that challenges the dictates of "new" imperialist hegemony, a cohesive dialogue between the activists working within these movements and the public intellectuals who have engaged the discourse of insurgency in their writing requires further elaboration. This volume seeks to bridge the gap between the theory and praxis of insurgency in order to materialize the significance of radical transnationalism today.

Specifically, by bringing together activist and intellectual labor, this volume proposes to look at specific ways in which peoples are grasping this moment to organize and enact change. Using the post-1968 period of revolt as a historical context, the essays in this volume consider the residual impact of what Timothy Brennan calls the "post-turn cultural Left" upon radical politics in the 1970's, while also paying close attention to emergent forms of insurgent knowledge that have evolved in the wake of capitalist crisis since 2008. In addition, the volume will highlight the transnational nature of revolutionary ideas by speaking to the specific nature of origins and methodologies of the global insurgency, which vary greatly from place to place in terms of strategy, objectives, and pre-existing social political modality. Lastly, the global focus of this volume intends to bring forth local voices, writings, and struggles of everyday peoples entrenched in fighting for social justice and its present concerns via four distinct yet interrelated questions:

1.What does global insurgency signify in the current era and how are such movements distinct from the "post-turn" of 1968?

2.How does the global insurgency challenge the reified legacy of decolonization and the formation of the postcolony under the aegis of the "new" imperialism and ensuing capitalist globalization?

3.How do the on-the-ground work of activists and the intellectual work focused on insurgency correlate? Moreover, in what sense does the discursive space of insurrectionary knowledge lend itself towards the praxis of social justice, radical democracy, and revolutionary transnationalism?

4.Finally, what are the lessons and limits of insurgency? Specifically, how can we build upon the space of revolt in order to fend off counter-revolutionary mechanisms already at play?