CFP Spatial Justice and Diaspora: Law, Chaos and Postcoloniality (Deadline 30 June 2014)

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Critical Legal Conference, University of Sussex

This stream will engage with critical theories of spatiality in relation to issues of postcoloniality, globalisation, diaspora, and migration. It will interrogate scales of legality across multiple jurisdictions and consider the development of an aesthetics of resistance in diasporic communities. In an increasingly interconnected, 'globalised' world, there is a growing demand for a recognition of processes of adaptation and resistance in the form of legal pluralism as a historical contingency. This demand varies in its articulation, from decolonial refraction to the empirical negotiation of diasporic laws and the call for a redefinition of the nation-state as the irrevocable 'centre'. This stream will ask critical questions about the constantly metamorphosing definition of the limit of the border in the face of disorientating diaspora, the migration of 'law', and complex relations of belonging. It invites papers that address the need to theorise tempo-spatiality in law and consider how this embryonic chaos may be filtered through transjurisdictional practice in all its many forms and guises.

Please send abstracts (max 250 words) to:

Emma Patchett,

Sarah Keenan,