Shakespeare and Classical Authors, Special Session RSA Berlin, 26-28 March 2015

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Dr. Judith A. Deitch
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This session will investigate Shakespeare's self-schooling in authorship through his reading of classical authors—the rediscovered representatives of secular antiquity. Rather than assessing whether Shakespeare was "a classicist," let us focus on his multidisciplinary reading both in terms of strategic literary re-deployment, as well as in terms of his self-development as an author. What might Shakespeare have gained in techniques, motifs or themes to be extracted, imitated, altered, rearranged, or avoided? In addition to narrative, dramatic, and poetic elements such as character, plot, situation, symbol, metaphor, what are the further implications of having had exposure any particular individual author—what could we say about the influence of the things left out? Further, how might Shakespeare be performing a commentary on any particular author through an intertextual selection and transposition process? In short, can we assess how Greek and Roman predecessors in their "author function" presented models for the continual unfolding self-development of one important Renaissance English author?

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Dr. J.A. Deitch
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