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Dr. Jessica Labbe
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Proposals accepted for panel at SAMLA 86: Sustainability and the Humanities [November 7-9, 2014; Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel] --> for more info:


Beneath the looming shadow of SACS reaffirmation and the increasing demand for multi-measure assessments stands the composition instructor. Beleaguered by rising course caps, teaching loads, and administrative duties, "sustainability" for the instructor is as much a personal goal as it is a professional and institutional one. A singular and surprisingly simple solution for the challenges facing composition instruction and assessment is the fearless rubric: direct, accessible, and malleable. A cornerstone of the education field, rubrics are sorely underused in composition instruction. Is this due to lack of training or awareness? Is this sparsity rooted in some disciplinary shortcoming or a larger ethical disparity in writing pedagogy? Ideally, this panel will explore these questions.

Moreover, this panel will showcase the power and potential of rubric use in the composition classroom from multiple angles, including (but not limited to) Student Learning Outcome alignment, assignment scaffolding, WAC/WID endeavors, departmental/regional calibration, grading/feedback, formative and summative assessment, and curriculum development. The use of technology joined with rubric integration and its benefits to the composition instructor would be both useful to session attendees and applicable to the concept of sustainability overall. Though assuming the form of a traditional conference panel, the material featured in this panel should be deeply applicable, grounded in experience, supported by research and interactive. Though not necessarily required, hands-on activities and mini-breakouts would incorporate best practices into our session.

To provide continuing support and, perhaps, the foundation for a publication, panelists can discuss the possibility of making their materials and samples available via a thematic Google site. By June 10, 2014, please submit a 250-300 word abstract, short bio, and A/V requirements to Dr. Jessica Labbe, Guilford Technical Community College, at