Objects of the Heroic Body /Heroic Body as Object - RSA Berlin 2015

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Christine Sukic / Epistémè
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This panel will look at objects associated with the heroic body (weapons, armour, shield, helmet…) but also at representations of the heroic body itself as an object (books, statues, paintings, engravings, coins…). We would like to explore the practical and symbolic uses of objects, as well as the role they played in the representations of early modern heroes in the context of a redefinition of heroism.
We welcome papers from scholars of literature, history, art, music or language, on the use of objects in the representations of heroes and heroic bodies in early modern European literature and culture. Possible topics include: new codes of heroism; objects that exemplify the crisis of heroism, for instance through the use of new weapons and new forms of war; social uses of objects and the decline of the aristocracy; objects and the perception of the body in a heroic context; the transformations of classical models of heroism; gender and heroism and the gendering of heroic objects.
Please submit abstracts of no more than 150 words along with a title and a list of keywords to c.sukic@orange.fr by May 26th. The RSA also requires a one-page C.V. (no more than 300 words). It must include degrees awarded, institutional affiliation, major publications. Please do not send a prose bio.

Professor Christine Sukic, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne