Call for Submissions: Ishaan Literary Review, Issue 5

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Ishaan Literary Review

Ishaan Literary Review is an online journal publishing poetry and short fiction pieces. We are soliciting submissions for Issue #5. The current call began March 15, 2014 and has been extended to June 18, 2014.

Please visit us to get a feel for the stuff we like:

If you have work to submit, please read the information below:

Ishaan Literary Review publishes works of poetry and short fiction.

We publish (roughly) 20% invited authors and 80% blind read/peer reviewed authors once a year (we may shoot for twice a year when our schedules clear up, but once for now). We encourage you to submit a good range of work to give you a better chance of being published with us.

To Submit:

All submissions should be sent to our email address:

Please email your work as a Word document attachment. All works should be included in a SINGLE file with page breaks between individual works and titles for individual works clearly identifiable.

Work with non-standard formatting or non-standard fonts will not be considered.

Poems - 3 to 5 works. Because we are online and we would rather not create PDFs or Squibble docs, we ask that all poems be left-justified as indentations are kind of a pain in the neck and most poems are set up this way anyway. We want to publish your work, but any poems not fitting this criteria will not be considered.

Short Fiction - one or two works, adding up to a total of no more than 15 pages, double spaced. Please be sure to check over your final draft. We might do some editing, but don't count on it.

Please include a brief (one or two sentence) introduction of yourself in your email (no need for a cover letter), but don't get crazy - we want to spend time reading your work, not your accolades. However, any submission without a note or one that does not meet the requirements stated will not be considered. We do not consider entire manuscript-length works. Our reading period can take a few months (i.e. we will most likely read the month following the end of the CFP).

Special In-Between (Point Five) Issues of Ishaan

A special "Southern Collective" Issue (#4.5) will appear at the end of May 2014. Contributors to this particular issue have been selected by poet, Clifford Brooks. If you would like to propose a special issue coinciding with a poetry or fiction writing event, workshop, or as a project with a group of writers, please email J.D. Isip at with your ideas.

Other stuff:

Simultaneous submissions are fine and encouraged - we want you to get published, of course. As a courtesy, please let us know if a work has been selected by another journal.

The author retains the rights to all works published. We simply ask for credit as first publisher in any of your future publications (even if altered), including chapbooks, collections, etc. In short, we want to let the world know about you - please do us the same favor when you get the chance.

By sending us your work you imply that you would like for it to appear on Ishaan. We will usually send a note letting you know what pieces will be going up (or that your pieces were not accepted). However, unless you have specifically sent us an email letting us know that your work has appeared elsewhere and you no longer want it considered, it can go up in the next issue. We squeeze in putting up the journal in the few hours we have between regular classes and other stuff, which means we simply don't have time to wait for folks to "give us permission" when permission is implied in the sending. Simply put: only send work you really want to see published.

A note about our production time: We ask for your patience and understanding as this is a project of passion and not of pay. Also, if you used Duotrope to find us, please be sure to report your experience.

We look forward to reading your work.

J.D. Isip and Kristen McClure
Editors and Founders, Ishaan Literary Review