Teaching with the Internet and Technology (Southern California, 10/31/14 - 11/2/14)

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Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association (PAMLA)

This is an approved standing session for the 2014 annual conference of the Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association (PAMLA) in the sunny locale of Riverside in Southern California on 10/31/14 through 11/2/14.

Teaching with the Internet and Technology is a well-attended, standing session seeks to foster a discussion amongst academics about the real-world practices and implications of utilizing technology to teach. The panel will examine and explore the multifaceted way in which the tech world is changing teaching both inside and outside of the classroom.

A specific approach to the topic of teaching with the Internet and technology is not expected, so please submit what you're working on within any humanities discipline in order to be considered for this panel. Ideas for successful and interesting presentations include (but are not limited to) best practices using technology in the classroom; apps/Internet programs that foster teaching; MOOCs; social media; real-world examples of successful or unsuccessful uses of technology to teach; and more.

Submit proposal by May 15th to the online proposal system at:
(Please note a log-in account will need to be created in order to access the system.)

Michelle Stonis
Department of History
California State University, Long Beach and Glendale Community College