[UPDATE] Ecocomposition Panel at SAMLA 2014 (Deadline June 1st)

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South-Atlantic Modern Language Association
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Ecocomposition, Green Rhetoric(s), and Digital Environments

Marilyn M. Cooper asserts in the forward to Ecocomposition "that it is through an ecological understanding of writing that the field of composition studies aligns itself with the dominant paradigm shift of the last century" and that the unifying strand in diverse and variant pedagogies this theory informs is, for the most part "a systems approach to teaching writing" (xi). In recent years there has been a wellspring of information released on the topics of green approaches to composition, including Coopers work with networked ecologies, which offer their pedagogical insights and problems in the classroom. Cooper expresses certain anxieties when it comes to approaches which reduce "ecocomposition to a matter of teaching nature writing and unheimlichkeit." This panel seeks papers that attempt to understand ecological and sustainable approaches to composition and rhetoric. Some possible paper topics might include:

•Monoculture and Polyculture as Terms for Understanding Rhetoric and Composition
•Thing Theory, Materialism, and The Body
•Open Access and Sustainability
•New Media, Digital Spaces, and Student Learning (MOOCS and Other Technological Environments)
•The Rhetoric of Science
•The Rhetoric of Place
•Greenwashing and Ethics
•Boundaries, Ecotones, and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Writing
•Communities and Writing Centers
•Dark/Deep Ecologies
•Transfer and Organic/Holistic Literacies
•Sustainable, Ecological, or Green Approaches to Teaching Writing
•Ecological Histories of Rhetoric
•Student-Centered Pedagogies and Assessments (As Part of Ecopedagogy)
•Place and Kairos in Contemporary or Historical Rhetoric(s)

By June 1st [deadline extended], please submit a 300-word abstract, brief bio, and A/V requirements to Madison Jones, Auburn University, at mpj0003@auburn.edu.

The annual convention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association will be held at the Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center, Atlanta, GA, on November 7–9, 2014. http://samla.memberclicks.net/