Edited Collection -- Into the Pensieve: The Harry Potter Generation in Retrospect. [DEADLINE: Jan 15, 2015]

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Balaka Basu, Emily Lauer

There now exists a generation who have grown up in a culture thoroughly permeated by Harry Potter, from the books to the movies and beyond. Now that the series has come to a close, it is time to take stock: how exactly has this generation of new adults been shaped and constructed by the cultural zeitgeist that is the Harry Potter universe? What future is there for Harry Potter studies? Are we still in the Harry Potter Age, or have we entered a Post-Potter age?

We seek essays of 6,000 - 7,000 words for this collection that address the idea of a Harry Potter Generation broadly, with perspectives including fan studies, pedagogy, and traditional theoretical lenses.

Possible themes might include, but are not limited to:

- Fan studies, including fandom communities and productions, and those authors writing now whose work was inspired by the Harry Potter phenomenon.
- The narrative and genre concerns of the series and how they may affect a generation of readers.
- The role(s) of history and the present in the series itself.
- Pedagogical concerns - as professors, how do we engage with an assumption of cultural knowledge of Harry Potter in the classroom?
- Global approaches, especially post-colonial - how has the Harry Potter phenomenon shaped experience outside of Great Britain and North America?
- Merchandising and versioning - how have the movies or the shopping opportunities shaped the idea of what role Harry Potter can play in consumers' lives?
- Experiences of children who did not read the books, or who were discouraged from doing so.

Email queries are very welcome at any time; send completed papers as attachments in Word format to Balaka Basu and Emily Lauer at hpgeneration.book@gmail.com by January 15, 2015.