Call For Chapters: The Cinema of Rob Zombie (Proposals Due by June 24, 2014; Accepted ms. due 9/30/2014

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Dr. Brian Santana/Georgia Southern University

Edited Collection—The Cinema of Rob Zombie

Since the 1990s Rob Zombie has inspired criticism and cultivated a loyal fan base for his self-described "horror rock music." Zombie's 2003 transition into film directing, beginning with House of 1,000 Corpse, has resulted in similar controversies. While critics frequently single out Zombie's visual acumen (his visual flair has drawn comparisons to the style of David Lynch and Roman Polanski) they also simultaneously criticize the dark, grotesque violence and "deviant hypersexuality" of his films.

Despite the strong polarized responses to films like House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween, Halloween 2, and Lords of Salem, no comprehensive study of his work currently exists.

The editors of this collection, therefore, invite original chapter contributions for a recently contracted book that will examine the films of director Rob Zombie.

Topics for chapter proposals may include, but are not limited to:

--Analysis of a single film.

--Discussions of the relationship between themes in Zombie's music and his film oeuvre.

--"Adaptation as Creation": chapters that examine Zombie's adaptations of John Carpenter's Halloween franchise.

--Zombie's engagement with ideas and representations of "family."

--Zombie's films as homage to or reimagining of horror genre conventions.

--The role of camp in Zombie's films.

--Zombie's films in the historical context of b-movies and exploitation cinema.

Chapter proposals should:

1. In 500 words (or less) define the focus and argument of the chapter.
2. Be submitted as a pdf or word document. Proposals should be double-spaced, with Times New Roman, 12- point font, and Chicago style citations.
3. Include a copy of the author's CV and a 50 -word biography

Proposals and questions should be sent to Dr. Brian Santana at