Understanding of the use of Blake & Mouton's model as a tool for analysing and improving management of conflict in organisations

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Luthfun Nahar Senior Asst. Secretary Local Govt. Division Ministry of Local Govt. Rural Development & cooperatives
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Conflict by itself is neither good nor bad. Clash or competition between the people with odd needs, thoughts, attitude, principles, or targets can be defined as Conflict. Every management who claim themselves as a high performance team should know how to manage conflict to reduce the worst that never bear a fruitful outcome. Conflict is customary in a team; however, their outputs are not fixed but in all conflicts need not to be properly addressed and resolved. In every social setting, conflict is a common phenomenon that arises between all kinds of people in respect of human relationships. Conflict management process need to be understood by every management to maxim Conflict Management involves implementing strategies to limit the negative aspects of conflict and to increase the positive aspects of conflict at a level equal to or higher than where the conflict is taking place. It is not concerned with eliminating all conflict or avoiding conflict. In today's world we have to depend on others cooperation. Interpersonal conflict itself is not a severe trouble but it can become serious if it is not handled and managed in a proper way. The basic objective of this study is to manage the conflict in organizations by using Blake & Mouton's model. It also has covered causes, nature, theoretical background and conflict resolving styles which pursued with Blake and Mouton Model. Finally, the study outlined a conclusion with recommendations and an action plan for future research the author has chosen interpersonal conflict that occurred in personal life. The incidents which described and analyzed in this writings are purely an interactive conflict of two university faculty of the department of Sociology in a public University of Bangladesh.