CFP Critical/Creative Ed. Collection on Fear & Trauma, proposal deadline, 8/1/14

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Dr. Julie E. Tyler / Independent
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Proposed submissions are requested for an innovative edited collection of "micro graphics" on the subjects of fear and trauma. This collection will include diverse and powerful graphic entries from contributors on these subjects. Each entry should tell a story about (or visually conceptualize) fear/trauma in only two or three graphic frames [think graphic novel illustrations, but limited to two or three frames and excluding thought or dialogue bubbles]. The challenge, of course, will be to convey the emotional magnitude of fear and/or trauma within limited two-dimensional space. Contributors might choose to craft entries as collaborative rather than individual projects. For instance, writers and scholars might seek to collaborate with illustrators, or vice versa. However, collaboration is limited to two individuals per entry.
Review the following details and instructions for proposing a submission:

The Collection and its Entries
Each single entry will visually present fear and/or trauma in a graphic illustration comprised of no more than two or three frames. An entry can convey fear/trauma as a concrete experience, memory, or abstract concept, but the entry must evoke as well as challenge typical notions of fear/trauma. Each entry will correspond to a brief yet nuanced critical analysis of the graphic representation, comprised of both scholarly exploration and personal (or collaborative) reflection.
Altogether, the collection will be composed of thirty to forty "micro graphic" entries along with their corresponding analyses, and will explore several facets of storytelling:

(1) human experience, emotion, and memory
(2) visual and narrative forms of storytelling and their possibilities and limitations
(3) notions of and questions about genre or categorization [literary, graphic, multi-voiced] – What is a "micro graphic"? Can this genre convey fear/trauma?
(4) the processes of crafting a "micro graphic" that clearly conveys meaning and tells a compelling story within the limits of two or three frames.
(5) ideas about intended audiences [graphic novel fans, artists, scholars, adults, teens]

How to Propose an Entry
Contributors – for your work to be considered for inclusion in this edited collection, please compose an entry proposal (approximately 250-300 words) that describes the following:
(1) One paragraph that describes the "micro graphic" and the story it tells or concept it conveys. **No images are required for the proposal.
(2) One paragraph that summarizes the initial critical analysis: approaches to and insights into the "micro graphic," and engagement with theory and scholarship.
(3) One paragraph explaining contributors' motivations (professional and personal) for crafting an entry for this collection
(4) One paragraph providing contributors' professional biographical information [publications, education, goals, interests, school affiliations, professional experiences, etc].

Please submit proposals to, by August 1, 2014. I will respond to prospective contributors with news of the status of their proposals by September 1, 2014.