Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar Annual Conference, September 5-6, 2014, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

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Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar (ATEG)
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Twenty-fifth Annual Conference on Teaching English Grammar: September 5-6, 2014
ATEG 25 – Rising to New Heights in Teaching Grammar
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Presenter Proposal Guidelines
ATEG welcomes proposals by teachers and scholars in the field of English grammar instruction. The people who attend our conferences generally fall into the following categories:
•Community college teachers
•College teachers of freshman composition
•College teachers whose students intend to teach English and elementary education
•K-12 teachers
•Teachers of English Language Learners
•Publishers and editors of teaching materials
We seek proposals that help teachers make grammar instruction durable, lively, and authentic. We are committed to grammar education that promotes respect for language variety. Proposals that are grounded in classroom practice are appreciated.
Please explain your proposed topic in one concise paragraph, indicating how your topic comports with this year’s theme, ATEG 25- Rising to New Heights in Teaching Grammar.
ATEG does not have copying facilities. Kindly supply your own handouts. As the date approaches, we will inform you as to the number of handouts that you will need.
Generally, our conference sessions draw 35-50 people.
Proposals are due by August 20, 2014. Feel free to e-mail your proposal in an attachment to and

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